The Song (working title) will be short music documentairy about the artist David Olney. Olney is one of the most influential Americana singer-songwriters, his writing is masterful and he has his own distinct style. The story itself will be told from David’s own perspective, with the focus on his way of looking on the Netherlands. The story will be supported by music, lyrics and poetry.

David and Daniel Seymour getting ready to perform at In The Woods in Leusden (© Hatseflats Film)
"In October 2018 we had the opportunity to follow the Americana troubadour David Olney for a few days on his tour through the Netherlands. David is a remarkable artist and together with Daniel Seymour he gave a series of great performances. And we could be there to look behind the scenes, but also to get David's view on The Netherlands. Those who love David's work are already aware that he can evoke brilliant and complex characters with only a few very well chosen words. But David too is very remarkable and sincere man with an undeniable love that calls him to Europe so frequently. It was an honor to be part of the process and to see the artist work and how he connects with his audience."
 - Daan van den Berg (director)

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David in 2016 with bass player Daniel Seymour in Ede (Live Stage Marnix). Photo by Veenhof.

Why donate?
Some funding is required to make this doc. We are not going for a big budget approach, so all donations are considered very helpful. Most of the work on this film is done for free, but there are some costs that are always there with an audiovisual production. Some examples are travel expenses, gear and to call upon additional cameras and crew members for multi camera filming of a concert.

To put the costs in perspective: for 150 euro we can already hire some film lights for a more perfect image, for 350 euro we can use the right lenses and for 1.000 euro’s we have the gear we need for filming. This goes for all phases in the production process.

At the moment we have done the biggest part of the shooting, but we still need to collect some money for the post proces of the film, like editing, image and sound optimalisation and we are looking into the possibilities for distribution.

When will it be done?
As this project is done by volunteers it’s hard to predict a date for when it will be done and released. But it’s safe to say in will be in the first quarter of 2019. Still, this is no guarantee for that release. If a date is set, we will keep people updated.


Americana music, the music that blends country, blues, folk and in a modern way, offers more than just a unique sound. It offers a wide variety of songs with often a deep sensitive layer and impressive poetic lyrics. Some songs are even elevated to a quality that can match the greatest literature. It’s certainly this way with my personal favorite artist David Olney.

Not until 2013 I realized David and many American artists like him often tour in the Netherlands where they have their own loyal audience. My first concert was in Aalsmeer, in a place called De Oude Veiling. It was very intimate with a great atmosphere. David was sympathetic, his songs well made and laced with literary talent. His unique interpretation gave an evocative experience and everyone was really quiet as a mouse. The combination of intimate songs and as for the rough ballads were well balanced. It was almost like he sung them especially for me, but when I looked around I saw that I shared that experience with the entire audience.

Afterwards David and his then guitar player Sergio Webb were very open and approachable. David, a modest gentleman was very kind and he kind of naturally blended with his audience to shake of the spotlight he was in while on stage. I have been to David Olney each tour since and there I noticed a number of loyal fans and I began to wonder about David’s view on the Netherlands and how this has influenced his own music. In the end an artist speaks through his work.

I think that film is a fitting way to share David’s story and to share the artistic expertise of acts like him with a broader audience. Not only to make sure more people learn about these great concerts, but also to share a master storytellers vision on the Netherlands.

– Daan van den Berg

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